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Other area events.

Visit for a good list of local area roadraces


New Orleans Running Systems, Inc.
P. O. Box 2348
Kenner, La. 70063


Race Director: Chuck George
Assistant Race Director: John Melvin

About Chuck George:
Chuck George has been a leader in production of road races in the metro New Orleans area for over 30 years. He has directed over 800 run/walk events to date that include open to the public race events and private convention group delegation events.

Chuck would not be able to produce and direct events without the assistance of his wife Martha who contributes greatly to the event management duties. If one needs a reference on a race directed by Chuck, they need to only ask a member of the running or walking public.

References from past events directed (event owners/beneficiaries) is available upon request and I'm proud to give it out.
Contact info:, 504-468-1488, cell 504-884-7565

About John Melvin:
Owner of Timed Sports Systems provides equipment and expertise for NORSI managed events including the registration/equipment trailer, timing clocks, finish line banner stands, chutes, PA systems.
Contact info: or at 504-390-2821